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Reiki Ideals

Reiki guides and balances human and animal energy fields, and specifically the chakras (energy centers of the body). This helps the body, mind and spirit to enjoy greater peace, well-being and health. There is more positive energy felt after a Reiki session. It helps to build the immune system and creates balance in our lives. Reiki is an excellent stress reducer. Physicists are contributing to research about energy fields, their existence, and their importance in optimal health.

What does it do?

What Is Reiki?

Reiki (pronounced ray-key)

Reiki is very popular, and interest in utilizing Reiki for animals is growing in popularity. Articles are published daily in health magazines, national newspapers and television programs, all about the healing benefits of Reiki. Even local hospitals have Reiki practitioners providing complementary support to sick and recovering patients. Having a Reiki treatment before undergoing surgery helps cell memory to accept the surgery and heal quickly.


I have been providing Reiki treatments for pets and people since 2001.

A mutual date and time is arranged when Reiki energy is focused upon your pet. It is helpful to provide a photo and name of your pet and any illness that is present. Payment may be made through PayPal and through other links on this website. Simply reference the Reiki session chosen in the subject box.

Reiki is integrated with my natural healing and intuitive abilities. Each animal session is tailored to develop the best experience for each individual client, be it human or animal.

This level of activity and noise likely terrified the poor dog who was abandoned there. Initially, I feared the animal and wandered back to work with the cats. When I was done for the day, the only way out of the facility was to walk past the pit bull dog. I looked upon him longer this time and felt his pain and fear. I sat down beside his cage and spoke to him gently telling him how sorry I was for him that he had to be there. I spoke directly to him that he would be okay and taken care of, then raised up my hands and focused healing energy directly at the terrified dog. The dog who was pacing and circling the cage incessantly suddenly stopped… then laid down. He became calmer and calmer with my presence, with focused soothing, healing energy, and compassionate words. I whispered to him that he was such a good dog. When I stood up to leave, he lay still in his cage. I glanced back and him, then slowly walked out the front door, then tears ran down my face.

I am a Reiki Master / Teacher Practitioner, trained in traditional Usui Reiki. When I started practicing Reiki for each successive level of training, I volunteered at our local SPCA. Since I have always been naturally drawn to the energy of cats, Reiki healing was first used upon the cats in the sick room. Working with the dogs was next and appeared more of a challenge at first. Dogs bark and pace. They jump and screech. They are often large, even taller and larger than myself and I felt a bit threatened, yet also felt their pain. Cats are small, less physically demanding, and quiet, for the most part.

Then, one incident with one animal changed my life. As I entered the SPCA for the usual Reiki animal sessions, I noticed a very agitated pit bull dog within the entrance. He was all alone in a large wire cage.However, the caged dog was set in a very busy area of the building, the entrance, and people and staff were coming and going in every direction.


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Reiki is an ancient Eastern healing art or hands-on healing passed down from Tibet Buddhist writings.

Animal Reiki sessions are 30 minutes and cost: $60
Distance healing sessions are 15 minutes and cost: $20

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